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you don't have to rent. you don't have to buy. you don't have to live in a place. you can wander and become a vagrant or a bandit. though I wouldn’t recommend it…its something you could potentially do. existence for each individual has its own parameters. generally the person giving you a choice has just got you trapped and that's it.

the bank. the traffic cop. the irs. most companies offering a discount on an already inflated price…that's America. the illusion of choice presented by a cacophony of imagery and detritus…



Skleton lives in a luxury condo on an island of garbage. He assumes he used to be human but does not know for sure. His best friend and only window to the outside world is Comp 9099, a top of the line 21st century pc with all the bells and whistles including a high speed internet connection. The the internet! Is home to two virtual companions that skleton interacts with. Girl Concept is a digital amalgamation of everything he thinks a girl is. Mr intelligence is a gate keeping entity which knows more about skleton’s situation than he is willing to say. Everyday in this waking hellscape of refuse skleton puzzles of the mysteries of life while searching for his lost humanity.

Produced by KREET-N

a mountain of garbage with a skeleton in the foreground representing humanity with a gigantic robot with a retarded look on its face representing god, or the elite class of capitalists who control our fate, whichever you prefer.
a mountain of garbage with a skeleton in the foreground representing humanity with a gigantic robot with a retarded look on its face representing god, or the elite class of capitalists who control our fate, whichever you prefer.
^^^ made by me but who cares right?

What a beautiful place that we’ve made for ourselves! Can I be one of the chosen ones? I want to die in comfort and tranquility. Please let me choose amongst the various new products and influence others as to their consumer choices. Can we get more slaves to make the items cheaper please? Increase profit margins so that my family and I can be included in the newest version. Can I be the one to break through the stupidity barrier and convince everyone to purchase my special product? I sincerely hope they’ll have food and toilet paper stocked when we…

Laws enacted and enforced by strangers. Prisons privately owned and leased to governments. Huge amounts of money and resources moving from hand to hand…but not your hands…

You’re not the only one left out of the game. This one here is as big as it gets. There isn’t going to be a collapse, but rather millions of tiny collapses…every time you go broke. Every eviction notice or hit on your credit report. The unfairness is by design, though I do not think it is entirely intentional.

I think they made a lot of mistakes during the last 60 years or…

I transformed from a rabid anarchist into a conformist non political dad…

It’s simple. High ideals are for people without responsibility. Pragmatic, reasonable people are not trying to revolutionize any fucking thing. They’re trying to pay their bills and maintain a life. If they’re raising kids, then they aren’t even doing the work just for themselves or to become wealthy.

Money. Pressure. Time. These will erode the edge of any radically minded person. It should be obvious by now that there aren’t any groups to join up with. There will be no open war on land. …

On entertainment

All at once and with little warning, that’s how we thought our civilization would end.

Our civilization is not going to end.

It is going to mutate. Change. Perhaps it will go on forever.

It has been said that for the individual, it doesn’t matter either way. A free and equal society is supposed to be the goal. What is the outcome? A drastically strained culture constantly pushed prodded and punished and always entertained.

The budget is endless. The setting is anywhere. The characters are conjured from the minds of lunatic idiots. The plot. Herding. Nurturing. Molding minds.

Informed. Enlightened. Timely garbage.

Work til you’re dead. Die any time. No one will care. It doesn’t matter that you’re alive. Nothing you do matters. Pay a bill. Don’t pay. Get good credit. Don’t. Whatever. Make art no one will see. Write things no one will read. Watch 400 television shows. Try to make a friend. Good luck. What does it mean to be a human? What is a person?

The inevitable hatred and the dying fire. You’ll hate it so much it will scar your soul, but then you’ll see as they all do that’s it’s utterly pointless.


On media and mind. (Hell on Earth)

The daily truth of human existence is an unknowable quantity. It isn’t a number or a feeling. It isn’t an aggregated total of measures or trade deficits. It is something that exists within the experience of each living individual and to some extent, the recently deceased. How can we know what humanity collectively feels or thinks? Surveys and polls are ways that we attempt to quantify what populations think and feel, but when policy is based on these things we are experiencing something else entirely. Rule from imagination land. Law from a fantasy…


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