The hope of the digital wasteland…

a mountain of garbage with a skeleton in the foreground representing humanity with a gigantic robot with a retarded look on its face representing god, or the elite class of capitalists who control our fate, whichever you prefer.
^^^ made by me but who cares right?

What a beautiful place that we’ve made for ourselves! Can I be one of the chosen ones? I want to die in comfort and tranquility. Please let me choose amongst the various new products and influence others as to their consumer choices. Can we get more slaves to make the items cheaper please? Increase profit margins so that my family and I can be included in the newest version. Can I be the one to break through the stupidity barrier and convince everyone to purchase my special product? I sincerely hope they’ll have food and toilet paper stocked when we go the store again. Just waiting on my check to cash. My bitcoin investment is down 10 points in the last 48 hrs. why won’t women act like they look in their instagram photos? I want to have a girlfriend experience!! I want to pay to play! Can I please have the right to end my own life? Maybe we could vote on it. Do I have the right to end it all?

NO! YES! (please circle one)